About Us

TracFind is the first Proactive Asset Tracking Device that completes the entire cycle in Securing, Notifying, Locating and Retrieving Any Asset Anywhere in the World where There is Cellular Phone Connectivity.

TracFind's Proprietary Software is Integrated with the Largest Systems Platform Provided by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and can be further integrated with Any Cellular Carriers Global Network.

TracFind Device

TracFind alerts the end user the moment the asset is on the move and allows the end user to instantly share its data with any third party the moment the asset is on the move. Features include a Panic Button for any Emergency Situation or threat and GEO Fencing for configured free range roaming or a defined area.

TracFind can be molded to any enterprise use case (s), the ability to provide custom applications virtually for any application.

Multiple Network options (Celluar, GPS, BLE and WiFi). Form factors to fit any need and can be embedded at the Factory level with unlimited end user products. Unlimited range and real time tracking map shared with law enforcement or any 3rd party. Full data storage.

Through a User Application, the user creates an Open Account, Registers the Device, loads the asset photo and activates the Device.


Just some of TracFind's Consumer Applications include; Bicycles, Auto, Motorcycles, Elderly, Children, Pets, Backpacks, Guns, Equipment, Boats, Security Monitoring Systems, Safes, Musical Instruments, Antiques, Heirlooms, Memorabilia, Virtually any thing of value. TracFind is available for any B-to-B and B-to-C application.